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Washington & Jefferson Swanson Science Center


This facility houses areas for chemistry, physics, biophysics and biochemistry. Its learning facilities include wet and dry teaching laboratories, faculty and student research labs and a multi-disciplinary lab designed for non-science majors. Exterior has been designed to reflect the historical campus architecture showcasing appropriate building materials, including hand-molded brick, marble pilasters and slate roofs. Rycon partnered with both W & J College and EYP to provide preconstruction services culminating in a final GMP that was within the project budget. The Architectural & Engineering drawings were developed using Building Information Modeling (BIM). LEED Gold features include grey water reclamation system, local regional materials, recyClevelandd materials, indoor air quality management, low VOC content materials, certified wood, daylight sensor lighting controls & construction waste management plan.


Project Info

Washington & Jefferson

Einhorn, Yaffee, Prescott

70,000 SF

Construction Manager at-Risk


, PA
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