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The Bridge on Forbes Student Housing


Rycon was the CM for this 10-story upscale urban apartment complex for students and professionals. The building consists of 197 units, 489 beds, on-site covered structured parking with 148 spaces, a fi tness center overlooking the city, and an outdoor courtyard. The student residents will also benefi t from the unique amenity of individual and collaborative workspaces for their studies. Adding to the diffi culty during construction, the urban site had little laydown area, barriers were needed to separate the site from heavily traveled Forbes Avenue, existing structures were within one foot of the new building on both sides, and a 10’x100’ timber lagging wall was installed while Forbes Avenue remained opened. As of February 2019, only 28 projects in the USA have integrated the DELTABEAM® structure, one of which is The Bridge on Forbes. The project was able to gain an extra fl oor, while still remaining under the overall restricted building height, by using DELTABEAMs and hollow core precast planks. Since the planks and beams ultimately sit fl ush with one another, extra ceiling space is gained, where it’s typically occupied by traditional steel I-beams.

Accolade: Awards finalist for “Best New Construction Over $25 Million” from the Master Builders’ Association


Project Info

Award Finalist


Desmones & Associates

301,000 SF

Construction Manager at-Risk


, PA
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