PITT OHIO Terminal


Rycon provided preconstruction and construction management services on this new trucking terminal located on a 28-acre site. The new pre-engineered metal building features renewable energy resources including:

  • Geothermal Well Field: 96 geothermal wells were installed to assist the HVAC system.
  • Solar: The entire roof of the truck terminal is covered with solar panels to capture and store natural energies generated from sun.
  • Wind Turbines: Specifi cally referred to as Windstax, there are eight 60-foot-high Windstax installed on the site to capture and store natural energies generated by wind.

These sustainable energies are directed and controlled from a battery storage room.


Project Info

PITT OHIO, Oxford Development Company

McGill Smith Punshon

113,000 SF

Construction Manager at-Risk


, OH
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