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Holistic Industries Cannabis Cultivation & Processing Center – New Castle


Phase 1 consisted of a 23,000 sq. ft. interior agricultural grow facility expansion including ten flower rooms, two dry rooms, and a set of restrooms. Rycon installed dehumidifiers, HPS (grow) lighting, LED grow fixtures, benching systems, and drip irrigation lines. Phase 2 included a 17,000 sq. ft. renovation of their existing grow facility which consisted of eight grow rooms, propagation room, electrical/elevator room, and mechanical room. The scope entailed remediation, infilling windows with CMU, framing, drywall, FRP and paint, flooring, cleaning/sanitizing/insulating existing mechanical systems, new floor drainage system, and new fertigation system. Rycon installed new LED grow fixtures in all grow rooms, and completed an electrical substation in coordination with First Energy to accommodate the increased power needs. All work was completed while the Owner maintained operations.


Project Info

Holistic Industries/J2H Partners

Pieper O'Brien Herr & SWSG

40,000 SF

General Contractor

New Castle

, PA
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