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Inspira Medical Center Pediatric ED & Cath Lab


As the CM at-Risk, Rycon was responsible for a 13,600 sq. ft. phased renovation of multiple areas within this hospital. The existing 6,400 sq. ft. TCU used for ED overflow was renovated to support the Pediatric ED. The program included 14 private inpatient positions, three (3) of which are isolation, one (1) resuscitation room, one (1) multipurpose/child playroom, and support spaces. The existing 7,200 sq. ft. imaging suite on the first floor was renovated to accommodate a new cath lab. The space includes eight (8) prep/recovery positions and procedure room. The scope included an expansion of the holding positions from three (3) open bays to six (6).


Project Info

Inspira Health

PS&S Integrated Services

13,600 SF

Construction Manager at-Risk


, NJ
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