3 Crossings – The Yards Apartments, 300-Units & Garage


Some of the inttricate pieces manufactured and installed are:

1. Club Room Feature Wall – a custom wall made of wood products to give the illusion of the wood being woven together, while integrating movable shelving and TV niche.
• Create standard millwork components which can be moved along plane to create the
“look” of custom one off components.
• Utilize different fall off materials to be placed at unfinished ends to complete curved bands which resulted in minimal waste.
• Created ship lap method of hanging to reduce installation time and thusly reducing overall budget.
• Mapped out and numbered system of panels to be sequentially installed so that
“random” features were precisely installed.
2. Metal Panel Accent Walls – a metallic panel wall with custom button screw pattern and stainless steel reveals to create the polished industrial look of the overall theme.
• Proposed hemmed metal panels (in lieu of thick heavy metal panels) emulated thick panels which resulted in a finer product.
• Designed means to hang panels with portion of decorative fasteners which allowed the shop to pre-install shorter actual decorative fasteners resulting in reduced installation time. Every 10th screw actually held the panel to the wall for instance.
3. Custom Reception Desk – to emulate stacked railroad ties, while matching the other millwork finishes in the Club Room.
• Developed new construction method to stack wall horizontally instead of layering materials to typical vertical millwork wall – bollards set and beams stacked/secured.
• Utilized veneer box beam construction for ease and reduced fabrication cost.
• Staggered holes in the box beams to create offset/random stacked look.
• Created design drawings for imported stone tops to be seamlessly in sequence with millwork desk.
4. Club Room Custom Bar – created to emulate rail yard mesh storage bins while allowing a circular shape to be maintained.
• Suspended millwork bulkhead which seamlessly tied into the framed wall.
• The entire bulkhead was fabricated and finished as a single unit and suspended over the bar.
• Both the stained maple bar and the bulkhead feature a curved metal mesh panel with custom bent metal frame that are backlit creating an elegant lighting element.


Project Info

Oxford Development Company

WTW Architects


, PA
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