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Casework & Millwork

About the Division

Your Premier Source for Custom Architectural Millwork

Established in 2000 our Casework & Millwork Division was developed to support Rycon Construction, Inc. with fast-paced millwork and woodworking needs where our current suppliers were unable to meet the demands. We have prided ourselves in high quality and craftsmanship and continued to strive in our ability to meet or exceed fast paced construction schedules. Since 2000, we have grown into modern 52,000 square foot facility that averages 62,000 man-hours per year. From design and estimating to shipping and installation, we handle the entire process in-house with our well-qualified union carpenters. Maintaining our state-of-the-art woodworking tools and software ensures both precision and speed for your most complex jobs. We will coordinate with your other on-site trades for a seamless fit the first time, every time.

By the Numbers
sq ft facility
hours worked per year

We have full capability of traveling to widespread locations. We are accustomed to meticulous packaging, accelerated shipping, and coordinating installations nationwide.


We are certified
through the Architectural Woodwork Institute Quality Certification Program.

We are certified through the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure products come from responsibly managed forests, when requested.

What we Do

Our Services

Consultation, design and drafting

Complete and comprehensive consultation on materials, fabrication and design.

Design from concept to reality including detailed shop drawings and conceptual drawings.

Project budgeting and estimation

Thorough project analysis and budgeting from concept to final design.

Project management

From submittals to coordination we track your project to ensure accuracy and a timely delivery.

Custom architectural woodwork and casework

From plastic laminate to exotic species and even resin and acrylic paneling and design elements.

Solid wood accents, stile and rail frames, raised or recessed panels and custom curved applications.

Custom made wood mouldings and 3D sculpted curved mouldings.

Countertops in a range of materials

Anything from plastic laminate, solid surface, wood, quartz, stone or even acrylic resin materials custom made for your application.

Custom stain and finishing options

Whether you have custom colors or finishes we can match or create a color that’s just right for you.

Upholstered booth and banquette seating

Available in whatever shape or size you can imagine we can provide custom fabric upholstered seating specific to your design.

Precision cut CNC parts

Our state-of-the-art CNC takes the guesswork out of cabinet and panel construction meaning faster production of your project.

We can custom mould curved panels, trims and other accents with the touch of a button.

Repair and modification to existing

Whether indoors or out, if you need repair or modification we can supply the right components to fulfill your needs.

Complete decorative metals

We can provide all of your custom decorative metals with the highest level of finishes.

Coordination with other trades

We can work direct with your other trades to ensure a seamless fit upon delivery and installation.


Our fleet of trucks are well-equipped to safely deliver and unload your packaged materials.

We manage the installation process including supervision, equipment rental, coordination and material protection.

Who We Are

Casework & Millwork Leadership

Danielle McCullough

Vice President, Casework & Millwork Division

Oversees the Casework & Millwork Division's operations at their 52,000 sq. ft. facility alongside Bob Gild.

Bob Gild

Vice President, Casework & Millwork Division

Alongside Danielle McCullough, oversees the Casework & Millwork Division's operations at their 52,000 sq. ft. facility.

Vince DeNardo

Shop/Warehouse Manager

With over 38 years' experience, Vince helped create the Casework & Millwork Division in 2000 and now oversees all aspects of the shop.

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